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Routine: a consistent and established process that threatens your daily routine.

Glumsy, boring and not promising. Reading the definition above, the routine of daily life does not sound particularly fun and interesting.

The truth is that through patterns, routines and habits, life loses its spark. Loses this spice that gives her interest, color and taste. The same is happening at any styling routine!

Do you wear the same and the same? You are not using all your clothes? Do you constantly buy the same style of clothes? Do you think you do the same thing every day? Change it.

It’s time to change your style routine and get out of what you may have fallen into, without realizing it.

Break it step by step. Try something new. Start your day in a different way. Approach your style from a new perspective. Look at the things around you with a new eye.

Below are 5 tips to help you refresh your style (at no extra cost).


Do you always wear the same jacket with the same pants and the same heels? Are you afraid of combining different colors?

Try new combinations with pieces in your closet with clothes that you have long time wearing them and with something you have bought recently and you may discover new combos that will excite you.

Put on your old jacket with prints or logo on t-shirts to make them more in-fashion, wear your old sweater as well as pants or skirts with prints, your old jeans with high heels and bold colors, and generally dare to wear new colors ( put black and white aside) and experiment with them!


If you look at your wardrobe and it looks like a gradient landscape of the same colour (I usually see black, white and gray in your wardrobes), it’s probably time to go shopping.

We all stick with colours that feels safe and we feel or know that they suit us, but wearing the same colours all the time certainly doesn’t help to get excited about your looks.

Buy something that goes far beyond what you own. Try new colours, vibrant or different prints (depending on your clothing personality and style) that will add more interest. One easy solution to this, is choosing clothes with different patterns and prints instead of monochrome sets so that you can give a twist without even adding any accessories.

On the other hand, you can try a total look by wearing the same shade of one colour from top to nail.


Accessories are the easiest and most economical way to freshen up your style.

A pair of sunglasses, a bag of brightly coloured or heavily decorated items, a large jewelry or many together, a special belt, a pin, are enough to break the monotony in one look. 

Hair accessories are highly in fashion right now, so make the most of it by adding clips or pegs with stones or pearls on your hair!


We all know that the number one shoe option (mostly in winter) is black. I’m sure you have black high heels, black boots, black ballerinas or/and black oxfords.

The catwalks are full of colour this year and most designers are suggesting that we can “colour our steps”.

Bold it! It’s time to try something different. And if you want to dare even further, combine them with coloured socks or tights.


Lastly, simply by changing your lipstick, hairstyle or your nail polish, you will surely feel refreshed. Try a new colour on your lips or even a new brand, a new shade or a new hairstyle.

The comfort and security that you have in adhering to something familiar is really a very strong reason. But if you want to change something, to escape your style routine (and not only) and to evolve, you will need to shake off this sense of comfort and security.

There is no disadvantage to all this, as long as you take care of yourself through this procedure. It is your overriding priority to take care of yourself before others do.

Quote of the week: “The proper function of a person is to live, not simply exist” – Jack London

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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