How to choose a right coat!

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Thinking about buying a new coat but not sure what to choose?

This fall the coat variety is great, as you will find many designs, lengths and colours. Which one will you choose?

If you haven’t started looking yet, then now is the time. Winter coats are already appearing in stores and you definitely want to find the best before the weather gets worse.

A winter jacket or coat is a serious investment as winter lasts at least 3 months. You wear it more often than anything else in your closet, so it needs to fit a lot, feel comfortable wearing it and be stylish.

So, before you buy a coat, see which one suits your body best and choose one that will not only warm you in the cold winter days, but flatter you and highlight your body.

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Nothing black , just colours!

Where to start?

Let’s start with the most basic things to consider, before buying your winter coat:

Step 1: Comfort, elegance, lifestyle

It should keep you warm and not be too loose or tight on you but fit perfectly at your body, you should to feel comfortable for hours wearing it and to be able to move around with it.

It will also be good for your daily routine, so if you need to spend a lot of time outdoors it is advisable to choose something waterproof, or if you are wearing a suit because of the nature of your work, it should cover the most of your clothes and provide you with protection from external conditions.

A long coat with fur can be impressive, but not convenient if you drive long hours. Think about what you usually wear inside and how much clothing suits you and whether there should be some air to wear thicker clothes inside.

Step 2: Let’s go to the next stage! If it covers the above then move on to the next step: is it the one that flatters your silhouette?

Let’s start with the height. If you are tall enough (over 1.68) you can support the knee- finish on your coat.

If you are more petite the right length is above the knee for you, however a coat just above the hips is perfect for your silhouette as it helps to elevate your legs and make you look taller!

For those with a rich silhouette, choose a V-cut coat in your neckline to camouflage the volume, remove excessive looks and achieve a more elegant result.

Similar to t-shirts, as well as coats, it is advisable to avoid very thick fabrics such as wool, knitwear etc. as they add more volume.

For those of you who have large back/shoulders considering to the rest of your body, the best option is to buy a coat that has no fleece, pads and collars so you don’t stress them out at all.

On the other hand, if you have larger hips it is best to emphasize to the top of the coat so that to emphasize your waist and “air” the bottom part. For those of you who have more volume in the belly, the best coat is the straight one, without stressing your waistline at all.

Generally, try to emphasize your strengths and camouflage your least favorite parts of your body.

Your coat should follow the architecture of your body, as well as having a style that reflects your character. Don’t forget fashion lasts for a while but style is unique and timeless.

Step 3: Trendy or timeless?

It is best to avoid high fashion when buying a coat.

An in-fashion coat may be tempting, but chances are, next year may look a bit… last year. A timeless coat never goes out of fashion and you can always follow trends by wearing fashionable accessories such as a scarf, a bag or an amazing hat.

Step 4: What is the right color?

A neutral tone will always be a good investment, while a bright colour choice will make a statement on a rainy day.

If you can, choose one in neutral colours and one in bold colour that will steal the impressions and magnetize all the looks.

Discover the best colours for your skin in a colour analysis session and ensure that your coat is perfect for you and will go with everything in your closet.

Step 5: How Much Money To Spend?

It is a good idea to buy the best coat your pocket can pick up, as it is an investment that will last for years and will certainly pay off. It is good to have already set aside a budget to go shopping and pick the one that you will really fall in love with!

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ATHENS, Stavros Niarchos, Aristea Korkovelou

With love and lots of colours, Aristea Korkovelou

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