“I have nothing to wear”

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“I have nothing to wear”

Have you ever woken up and had practically no time to get dressed? Opening your closet and not knowing what to wear, not even having breakfast, falling asleep on the move and once again arriving late to the office?

Well, you’re not alone!

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“Our clothes influence the way others look at us, but they affect us even more,” Rosenblum points out.

“No, I’m not going – I have nothing to wear”: a phrase we recognize, mostly us women but maybe also more men than you’d think.

We all have those moments of stress in the morning, where we get out of our front door, wearing an “outfit” we don’t like, having spent a lot of time already on deciding what to wear.

Maybe it’s because we can’t afford to do something else, or because we’ve gained/lost some weight so we can’t take advantage of all the clothes we once wore, or even because we don’t have the courage to organize everything, every single day, all of which leave us without much energy.

Of course, I would not suggest that you go shopping. Just change your perspective.

Even if we had two full closets, it is most likely that at least twice a week we would feel that we don’t have enough.

So, based on the theory that “less is more”, when we have too many choices, we feel more anxious about choosing an item than if we were freed from the great variety.

In fact, a fairly small capsule-type closet is probably the ideal size to make us feel more satisfied and less anxious, says psychologist Jo Hemmings.

Instead of spending a lot on accessories, pants, dresses and skirts, invest in some simple but essential pieces that will make the clothes that you actually have, ten times more eye-catching.

We can start by building a wardrobe of basic pieces that fit our body shape and lifestyle (don’t be influenced by classic fashion lists that want to promote everything that suits them, just to increase their profits – I’ll come back with a new article on this subject).

By using the term “basics” I mean exactly what the word says.

The key pieces for a women’s wardrobe that fit a lot of clothes and get you out of trouble.

You should definitely feel beautiful and comfortable when wearing them and they usually do not have any fashion elements on them -they are timeless.

Remember we tend to repeat the feeling we felt the first time we wore an outfit.

So, invest in those you fell in love from the first moment, not for their design but for their usability and comfort.

love your clothes
Love every single item in your closet

Because there is nothing worse than standing in front of the closet and feeling like you don’t like anything at all, while at the same time thinking about what to pair with jeans, or what to do when you don’t have the right top, an easy  solution is, jumpsuits.

They have the right to place in your wardrobe, as you do not need to combine many pieces – it is a full-length piece that will always look “ready” and impressive!

And before you ask me, I can assure you that you can find a jumpsuit, whatever your body shape may be. You just need to find the right fit for you.

Now I’ll also ask you to do the following exercise: open your closet and take a quick look.

How many of your clothes do they look alike?

If the answer is “many,” the next time you think about trying on another black denim pants or a black dress, think twice. Would it be better to invest in a different piece that will help you build new looks and renew the way you dress?

At the beginning of every new season, I spend one day evaluating my wardrobe: taking out clothes that are not in my size, things that I haven’t worn in the last 2 years, finding out what my needs are, while also making a good clearance.

Then I organize my wardrobe according to the colour and type of clothes.

For example, I have all the pants on one side, then the skirts, the t-shirts and shirts next to them and finally all the dresses. And then, I sort them by color as well, to help my mind think that the choice is less overwhelming but also to identify any upcoming needs.

Also, one of the most important tricks I use is to put the off-season clothes in another closet, as well as the ones that I got bored or tired of wearing.

After 1-2 years of not having them at my day to day closet, when you bring them back, it’s like you’ve put something new in your wardrobe!

The (right) makeup is always the detail that completes even the most boring outfit. If your outfit looks boring, try a bright lipstick and a shade that matches your colors and you’re ready.

aristea korkovelou house of colour lipstick
Aristea Korkovelou – Houseofcolour lipstick L308

Last tip: We all want to shop economically, but when the very low prices hide low quality of materials and process, then “economic” does not mean “smart”.

You may have wasted a lot of money on a lot of low-quality pieces from which you may not want or even can wear ever again. On the contrary, fewer good quality pieces can stay in your closet (and in your favorite list) for a long time!

Your shopping from now on should be slow and smart.

I send you my positive energy, till the next post!

aristea korkovelou blogger fashion and style
London capture / Aristea Korkovelou

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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