MYTH #1 Striped clothes add pounds

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How many times have you heard the “rules” to follow and confined to your shopping behavior and style?

Many women are afraid to wear them because they have heard from someone, somewhere, at some point, that stripes show their silhouette more rounded. However, fashion experts and House Of Colour have come to dispel such myths so you can shop and choose your clothes properly and intelligently.

The aforementioned myth is not a rule as in this case other factors, such as the composition of the garment or the way you combine it with the rest of the ensemble, also play a role.

House Of Colour claims that the right clothes and colours can make the difference.

So, stripes don’t make you look bigger, as long as you wear them properly.

Wearing a Gingham Dress , Summer in Greek Islands

The truth is, clothes with horizontal stripes will rarely flatter a curvy body as they give the body the feeling of “opening” outward and make the image more 3D, increasing its sense of width. But that does not mean that a person with curves is doomed to never wear them.

You can choose a pair of loose trousers with vertical stripes and combine it with a top of your choice.

Vertical stripes make your body look taller. You can even combine two different types of stripe patterns, one for your blouse and another one for pants, or put on a dress with vertical stripes.

A nice neckline will give your “marine look” a different character while also making the look feature your perfect body, drawing attention to areas you don’t want to emphasize.

If you are adventurous, you can try stripes in many shades, creating the most in fashion rainbow in your look and it is certain that your appearance will not go unnoticed.

Braking the rule, by choosing vertical stripes. Light colours and thin stripes looks good on me, even thought i am definitely plus size up there!

Don’t forget: The clothes, the colour and the width of the pieces you choose are important.

Feel free to use fine stripes, depending on your body type and your style (clothing personality). Remember that the colour contrast created between stripes is what determines the intense or a stylistic effect.

So, find exactly what you want to achieve with your clothes and accessories, and choose the version of the stripe that suits you.

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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