MYTH #2 Black clothes always flatter

από Aristea Korkovelou
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Black is classic #not - houseofcolour greece- Aristea Korkovelou- imageconsultant -colouranalyst

Let’s start this, with a sincere admission: we all love black clothes because we think they make us look slimmer and always looks elegant. But I have, of course, removed them from my closet. Why?

It’s easy…Because this statement is NOT true and is not the only myth that accompanies this particular colour choice in an outfit.

Colour specialist personal stylists from House Of Colour advise us that maybe black looks like the most sophisticated colour, but it certainly doesn’t make all of us look more beautiful and young.

On the contrary, it highlights whatever imperfection our face and body have.

It makes our wrinkles more intense and gives a “strict look” that just doesn’t help if we want to look younger and in harmony. Managing Director of House of Colour, Helen Venables says: “Whilst black absorbs light so less detail is detected by the eye in the hope that lumps or bumps may appear to disappear.”

What actually makes us look slimmer is wearing the right colours because this draws the eye up to a face which looks radiant and healthy, so the focus is no longer on the body and its wobbly bits.

It only flatters the 1/4 of the world’s population and guess what I am not one of those (and maybe you aren’t as well -sorry).

I want you to notice how gray my chin is in the cover photo, in which I wear make-up (and how white I look, like a ghost).

In a spirit of experimentation and fun, what if you choose the colours you wear every day more consciously?

I challenge you, if you don’t believe me or House Of Colour, to wear a black and a dark blue outfit next to your face and see which one flatters you the most and which one looks more beautiful to you.

Unfortunately, for all the fans of Wednesday Addams and her attire – “I’ll stop wearing black when a darker colour is invented”, I can say that blue flatters you more. Same as dark grey or dark purple. You just need to find the right one for you.

house of xolour usa

Did you know that colours are thought to be over 60% responsible for our first impressions of one another?

So, the next time you want to put on your outfit and go to the office, spend a little more time in front of your closet before you decide.

Do you have any other colours in your wardrobe other than black and white? Wear it and check how each colour makes you feel when you wear it. How do people around you react?

Find something just as dark as non-black and create your own “new black” outfit.

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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