MYTH #3 Loose clothes are slimming

από Aristea Korkovelou
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plus size myths

Don’t dress like a sack!

Do not think that wearing loose clothes will hide the pounds you have gained. Or on the contrary, wearing very tight clothes does not accentuate your curves.

In fact, most women look fatter with such clothes.

Especially for women who have extra curves it is important to wear clothes exactly in their size.

Anything loose will make you look “fuller”. And the fuller you look, the shorter you will look. Choose clothes that don’t cover your body but instead embracing your curves.

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Oversized clothes fit best on tall and slim bodies.

Low stature women, as well as curved women, it is important to balance the proportions and not wear more than one loose-fitting clothing. So, choose clothes in your size.

Neither bigger nor smaller because otherwise the result will always be disappointing. Fitted lines suit you the best.

plus size myths

Dresses that have some air or tall skirts, sculpt your waist and give it a hint. Equally important are the sleeves on the clothes you choose.

Three-quarters are ideal for keeping an eye on their finish and not targeting your armpits. If you have to wear something sleeveless it is good to have the strap width and not slim and definitely avoid short tight jackets.

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None of us are perfect. Keep this in mind always.

Love yourself and try to improve the areas of your body that bother you.

Beyond that, until this happens, there are clothes that can fool the eye without much effort.

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Aristea Korkovelou – plus size model and image consultant

Choose flattering clothes and emphasize the points you love. Be confident.

No one will notice a slight flaw if you have the air and you feel confident about yourself.

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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