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.. save money by making more sustainable choices in your clothes.

Have you ever bought something, just to quickly decide you don’t like it? Or maybe it looks like you have it for years, soon after you buy it? Do you feel that many of your clothes are no longer in fashion or your style?

Or have you ever found a crazy good deal and bought it just because it was so cheap?

I am sure we have all experienced at least one of these scenarios.

Unfortunately, these are all symptoms of the fast fashion industry.

An industry that for many reasons is socially and environmentally unsustainable. The fact is that the rate at which we produce, consume, and dispose of our clothes, causes a severe pressure on the planet. Of course, we will not be able to maintain this overconsumption in the future without potentially irreversible consequences.

I am also concerned about the media articles and the impact of the fast fashion industry on the health of our planet, with tons of almost unused clothing coming into landfills every year.

The percentage is overwhelming and we feel like it’s out of our hands, however, there are little things we can do to help.

Read below to get some ideas on what you can do to contribute to industrial clothing waste.

1.Starting from your closet

Go through your closet and ask yourself when you last wore every item in it.

If it was recent and made you feel fantastic, then it’s a great choice. If it was a long time ago, over a year, then ask yourself why you didn’t wear it and consider what you could do with it from now on.

Discover older items in your closet and bring them back to life.

When you look at your wardrobe, you may find items that you haven’t worn for a while because they haven’t been in fashion for some time. But maybe they are!

Think of how you can wear these items differently by mixing and matching them with other favorite clothes in your closet.

2. Repair or redesign

Let’s face it, there are times when we all felt we were tired of wearing a variety of shirts, trousers, scarves or other clothing. It is a big hassle to stack up old clothes in the closet and take up valuable space.

Do not rush to throw away damaged clothes.

Most of the time they can be, easily and cheaply, repaired to look like new. It may be an item in your closet that only needs a quick fix to start wearing it again.

Placing a button or a simple hem will not take long and will save you from a repeated boring outfit. Maybe you weren’t wearing an item because it was missing something or had something that made it annoying to wear.

Consider changing length or necklines, changing sleeves or adding pockets, changing a dress to a tunic, or adding some ornaments or accessories to bring it in now-fashion.

3. Give your clothes a “new life” with colour

If an item you love has faded a bit or isn’t exactly the right color for you, then why not try painting it so you can get something new in your closet? If the condition of the fabric is good, the solution suggested is to dye your clothes.

The paint refreshes the clothes and extends its use greatly.

Think that people were dyeing clothes for thousands of years, as they used to find paints in nature (herbs, flowers, shells, etc.). Almost all fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, wool, lycra) can be dyed, but remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the use and types of fabrics before proceeding to dyeing them.

There are many products available on the market that you can find in sewing, clothing accessories and of course in e-shops.

4. Redefine and recycle items you no longer need

If you can’t find a way to give life in your old clothes, then find someone who can. Second hand stores and resale websites will give you some extra cash, and donations to charity shops are a way to ensure that your unwanted items find a new home.

If you still want to avoid making expensive mistakes again as well as buying something that really suits you without a doubt then you can attend House of Colour self-awareness seminars! Go to the post “my color story” for more info about it!

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With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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