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Spring came! And COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus, “knocked on our doors” and (of course) it found us unprepared. As John Lennon said: “Life is exactly what happens to you while you are busy with other plans.”

#Stayathome -My point of view

Now that coronavirus has put us in quarantine’s self-isolation and social distancing, everyday life is evolving in a completely new way for everyone. Τhere is no denying that this situation requires us to reconsider our habits and routine, forcing us to adopt  a new way of thinking.

It is true that our lives are a “daily race”, we run without taking any breath. “Work and obligations strangle me,” we keep saying, complaining that we don’t have time for ourselves. We run to handle everyday challenges, to meet our obligations, to make (more) money, to gain a promotion or/and to rise socially.

We run, to take on life and take care of ourselves. And all of a sudden, things have changed and we have to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Now that we have to stay at home, all of a sudden, we don’t know what to do with so much free time given to us, which seems to be getting longer and longer each day. So, what do we do now?

Each one of us has two alternatives: either to use this forced social distancing as a learning opportunity for ourselves, our relationships, our values ​​and life in general or to grumble all day about this situation without doing something to change it.

I don’t diminish the seriousness of the situation, nor the tragedy that many of our fellow humans live in, but I suggest to look at it in a more positive way so we can gain something from all this. The whole world may have been affected by the virus, but we mustn’t lose our happiness and optimism, because we are given the opportunity this spring, to take care of our house and of ourselves.

Take a deep breath and scroll down to read some inspiring tips, to make the most of your time while following social distancing, self-isolation or being in quarantine.

Let’s start with the following assumption: There is a big difference between “StayingHome” and “BoredatHome”.

Don’t waste your time. Successful people pay attention to their personal development, lifelong learning and building relationships that give meaning to their lives.

Investing in yourself is one of the best things you can do.

Appreciate yourself, your talents and your life, more than others do. Life is the most precious gift, so please don’t waste it. So, now is the time. Give yourself time. “We should not continue our lives by making fun of us in a way that makes us drugged, but by using the free time we are forced to live, by wondering what we want and what we can do.

And whoever doesn’t grumble about what he can no longer do, but focuses on what he can, he comes out victorious “, points out the psychiatrist Manfred Spitzer.

When was the last time you really gave yourself time? Just think about it. Being able to observe yourself for a while is quite helpful. What are your goals? What calms you down? What will make you a better person? Or a Happier one? At first, many mixed thoughts will come through.

Let them complete their cycle in your head. Let yourself be free. Then write down the 10 things you are most grateful for. Or find some old photos of moments when you felt proud of yourself. You’re doing something that very few other people do. You are setting the foundations for something better.

Embrace your personality -you have ideas, power and beauty like no other.

There are many online courses that may interest you, for which you can dedicate just 15-20 minutes of your time to them. You can always evolve, get inspired, learn new things. So instead of wondering of ways to feel your days at your home, take advantage of the opportunity that has been given to you and invest in yourself and your family.

Stay home and arrange things that may have been neglected for so long.

Isn’t it a perfect opportunity to get involved with your house and get organized? You can wash the curtains, sofa covers, pillows, blankets etc. Fix marks on the wall or paint a room, change the décor of the house you once had no time to do, do some gardening, make the puzzle you’ve always dreamed of etc. You can organize your family’s and your wardrobes.

Start by clearing out and taking the opportunity to throw away, give away or hide, somewhere high in the attic, clothes you no longer wear (that you only had for the house), pyjamas, old-fashioned robes and refresh yourself! You can read the article “Shop from your wardrobe” for better results.

But above all, believe in the power, well-being and beauty that you have inside you. Now is the time! Take time for yourself, “pampering yourself” as they say, make yourself physically and mentally feel good. Watch your favorite series, read your favorite book or start reading a new one, treat yourself, take a relaxing bath and do some homemade beauty masks, listen to your favorite music and talk on the phone with loved ones.

As long as one feels inner satisfaction with oneself, it is certainly transmitted to the environment in which they live and work. So, in this case, you can accomplish two things: you will fill your time constructively and avoid tension with the people you are in the same house for 24 hours a day.

You can also use this time, to get rid of bad habits.

As specialists suggest, it takes a minimum of twenty-one days to break down an old routine and form a new one. In other words, it takes twenty-one days for a new habit to form. Are you one of those people who love to drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee at work? Do you eat chips or sweet snacks to overcome stress? Do you drink a liter of Coca-Cola with your food?

Now that it is more difficult to do intense exercise, try cooking healthier. Make sure that your meals are nutritious and well-balanced – look for new recipes and use your imagination and creativity.

I emphasize more on our bad eating habits because, when stressful situations arise, especially of this magnitude, often changes in eating behavior may occur.

Now, more than ever, balance and consistency are the keys to not losing control.

bad habits

The relationship between nutrition and beauty is completely connected. But remember: “People tend to set negative goals and focus on something they are not going to do anymore. So, they say I’ll eat less, quit smoking” Art Markman commented. The trick is not to miss something but to replace it with something better.

Or maybe now, more than ever, a little exercise is what we all really need? Put some music, turn up the volume and workout! There are a variety of videos made for everyone’s needs and tastes. All you have to do is to put on your gym clothes, hit play and workout.

If the classic way of training is not for you, a great alternative is to learn a new kind of dance that you never had the time for before!

To add to all the above, the classic joke about dressing up and work at home, has become a reality. Most probably you don’t give a damn about how you look at home. It’s easy to get lazy about dressing up when you have nowhere to go. But even when we stay at home, we can maintain our style and feel comfortable.

So, I want to remind you that you can always look beautiful at home, and it is a great opportunity to take advantage of your free time, to take care of your beauty.

The issue when staying at home is not only to be comfortable but also to feel and look beautiful. The times when you kept a torn T-shirt for “inside the house” are long gone! Wear a piece of jewelry, a scarf, stylish slippers or wear something in your hair to keep your positive mood high.

Tip: Consider underwear, as the ultimate priority if you want to look at your best.

Beautiful lingerie is the easiest way to make whatever you wear more elegant! Check out this post for more inspirational ideas: “What do you wear when at home”.

At the same time, you can have a natural makeup look every morning or you can try the new non-touring trend -in other words, no contouring. Essentially, it’s the effect of a fresh and radiant face, without being overly covered, but impressing with simplicity and the appearance of health and youth.

Whatever you prefer, do not apply any product to your face, eyes or lips unless you remove the top layer of the product with an antiseptic wipe.

The need to protect our families, friends and loved ones as well as ourselves is universal. “We are staying at home” and wishing we could get something out of it. It’s our way of protecting ourselves and others.

When we are able to get out of the house safely and get into this life-race” again, let’s not forget what this situation has taught us.

Remember: happiness is usually found when and where you decide to look for it.


With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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