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Why you should pay attention to the clothes you wear inside your house? Ideas to stay stylish and stylish on the days you don’t leave your couch!

Have you heard of “home cocooning”?

It is when you stumble into the warmth of your home and decide to start a new series, read the novel that got into your gift exchange. Or just stay at the weekend home with good company and friends.

And because when you’re at home, you want to feel “at home” , so you are wearing the high school pyjamas you keep having, or your old sweater that is twice as big, or your wash-off old t-shirt that you didn’t want to throw away.

Aristea korkovelou homewear e-xclusive
Aristea korkovelou, homewear e-xclusive

However, our clothes are an extension of ourselves and should not be treated perfunctorily. You can look chic and comfortable, without having to have a sloppy homewear look. We do not mean to wear dresses and high heels to watch TV, cook and clean the house. But we can make some comfortable, easy, and quick combinations to keep us good looking while being at home.

Looking at it globally, with the rise of technology, we spend massive amounts of time – compared to the last generation – watching TV, playing video games, or staying at home and indoors.

Because of this, more and more people are turning to clothes that provide more comfort.

This simple trend has led fashion designers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on the consumer’s desire to be comfortable wherever they go! So, the rise of comfortable but chic looks creates a statement: that a consumer does not have to sacrifice functionality and comfort for fashion, but can combine them.

In addition, the fashion industry has expanded so much in recent years that we no longer only care about what we wear to go to work or ride, but what we wear at home. Not that we didn’t care about the previous years, but now, the most famous brands are investing a lot in this fashion and our choices are increasing every year (pyjamas look, lingerie trend etc.)!

All this evolution of fashion has to do not only with our brand image but also it has to do with our psychology.

There is an expression that says “You are what you wear”.

Not at all distant from the truth as stylistic choices can affect one’s psychology individually and make a difference to us.

We always think about how to dress to get out, but when it comes to staying inside, we don’t pay much attention. Whether I get up on a Monday morning to start the week or relax at the weekend at home, I’m thinking of what to wear to start my day beautifully.

Because life acquires a sense of significance when your outfit seems to have a purpose.

The choice of clothes we wear everyday can equally affect our professional careers, our personal lives, and our personal image (Mind Pain by Psychologist Karen Pine). As studies show, creating an outfit for home and sleep with comfortable but stylish clothes is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and for the people living around us.

Because you will get dressed anyway, it is important to pay attention to the clothes you choose when staying in, as US studies suggest that choosing the right clothes can, in addition to the above, make the wearer less stressed and depressed.

It is good for our psychology to refresh our wardrobe often by adding a few pieces and throwing away our old clothes that we have associated with negative events in our lives.

We should always go ahead and strive for it in all areas of our lives, even in our style. It is a very personal process and the truth is that you have to find out for yourself how to “make a bed in which you will want to sleep on”.

But there are some extra tips I can offer you.

One of the secrets of the most charming women is that, whenever you meet them, they seem to shine and smell great.

Clean edges, well-groomed hair and a fresh scent create a sense of chic and warmth, giving an extra touch to your homewear look.

If you want to look fresh and relaxed, you can apply the “1.5 minute natural-makeup” look: a concealer, a light moisturizer, a light blush that will give the cheeks a vibrant and healthy look, a little mascara and a lip balm complete the ‘no makeup’ makeup in a completely natural way.

In most, if not all, department stores and on the Internet, there are many pyjamas styles that do not include the classic nightwear top or the tried and tested pyjamas pants.

Now there are camisoles, every possible variant in pants, suits and many prints and fabrics to choose from.

This flexibility in styles has made the market more inclusive for women of every style and size.

Nothing can make you feel sexier than wearing a lingerie, possibly with a scarf or cardigan over it to keep you warm in the house. Short sleeved tops, satin shorts with a matching top and lace bra set with underwear are all equally fabulous, feminine choices.

Aristea Korkovelou, https://www.e-xclusive.com/ , Merry Christmas
Aristea Korkovelou, https://www.e-xclusive.com/ , Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas with lots of colour and style!

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