What to look out for, when buying a swimsuit!

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What to look out for, when buying a swimsuit!

I will start by saying that every woman deserves to be a goddess on the beach!

But excluding the minority of women who are physically charismatic, all the rest, we have our anxieties when we are going to walk on a beach full of people, leaving our pros or cons in plain sight.

Whatever your effort and body, you deserve the right swimsuit.

The right approach is to see the swimsuit as a weapon of charm that will help you cleverly cover your imperfections and highlight your strengths. And this choice may depend on various parameters, but it is primarily a matter of self-knowledge.

Aristea Korkovelou, Plus Size model, Image consultant summer, summer in greece, swimwear, best swimwear
Aristea Korkovelou, Plus Size model, Image consultant – Swimwear by https://e-xclusive.com/

We spend most of our summer vacation wearing it, which means that the choice must be made with special care!

Product’s photos often differ from the real product, maybe the fabric isn’t  what we imagined and the biggest problem of all?

If the number, size and shape of the swimsuit suits on our body.

Before you go shopping with your friends, read what you should pay attention to before buying this year’s ideal swimsuit.

aristea korkovelou house of colour greece, plus size model greece, summer, summer in greece, swimwear, best swimwear
Aristea Korkovelou, Summer in Greece

Step 1: Feeling comfortable in our swimsuit is the first step in choosing the right one

Most people think that they are hiding their least favorite points by wearing a size up or that they are emphasizing their body by choosing a smaller one, but in reality, this is not the case.

Do not try to “fit” in a smaller swimsuit, believing that this one will flatter you either.

If you like small, cropped swimsuits, choose a Brazilian in the right size. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable pulling it while you are on the beach, but also the tires will not press on the side.

The same of course happens with your swimsuit bra. If it comes out and you can’t make a single move, or if you wear straps and it covers your chest evenly without leaving you room to move freely is a wrong investment.

If you still have extra pounds that you want to hide, choosing a larger swimsuit than your normal one will still not bring the desired result. Because a swimsuit is designed to “embrace” the body.

If it is loose and wide you will look “fuller”.

Step 2: The quality of the swimsuit

The quality and seams of the swimsuit play a very important role. Firstly, it’s important so  it does not overflow in your third visit to the beach. Secondly, so as not to be cut and left uncovered while you are on the beach.

Thirdly so that it does not emphasize the weak points of your body, with the rubber bands “cutting” on the buttocks and the waist and fourthly so that it dries easily and you do not feel itchy.

Better to invest in a swimsuit that will be good, than in two or three that do not flatter you and can cause dermatological irritations. Also, the fabric must contain lycra, in order to provide elasticity and hold.

Otherwise it will get baggy every time it gets wet.

Step 3: Check whether it is transparent

Many times (and this usually happens either in light colours or in cheap swimsuits) the sunlight in combination with the sea, shows points inside the swimsuit that we want to hide.

So, you should always look if there is lining inside or if the fabric is so thick that it is not transparent. Put your hand inside and pull the swimsuit a little to see if it offers coverage.

 Step 4: Choose the one that suits your activities

Evaluate your activities on the beach. A swimsuit that you will need to wear to splash in the pool does not need to have special specifications.

But a swimsuit that you will use to do surfing lessons or to swim one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon, requires, in fact, a different approach.

Aristea Korkovelou, Plus Size model, Image consultant summer, summer in greece, swimwear, best swimwear
Aristea Korkovelou, Plus Size model, Image consultant, summer in greece

 If you are a dynamic, athletic woman who does swimming and water sports, then a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini with a top that holds the chest well, is what you should choose.

As much as you like or fit a tiny bikini, you should discard it if you do not feel safe enjoying the sea and sports.

 If, on the other hand, you are one of those people who like to lie down and enjoy the sun acquiring a chocolate colour, you should choose a swimsuit with easy detachable straps. Not one-piece and tankini and anything that will offer you a multi-level tan!

 Step 5: Proper design based on your body type

There are endless choices in swimwear out there! Bikinis, one-piece, monochrome, multicoloured, with patterns, with cuts, floral, high-waisted, triangles, strapless, with ruffles, etc.

But what is the right choice for our body type and which one will flatter us?

The right design has the power to sculpt the proportions, to highlight the most beautiful parts of your body and to carefully cover those that concern you.

 Find out what your body type is. This is the A and Z for the right choice of your swimsuit.

Looking around you will surely have noticed that there are very big differences in the characteristics and body shape of each person. This is because each body is unique and each person has their own body type.

Read the relevant article here to find the perfect swimsuit based on your body!

Step 6: The right shade, as in clothes, has to do with the undertone of your skin!

What we should all take seriously, is that the ideal swimsuit is the one that first flatters our body and then follows the new trends.

It is not enough to choose the latest trends such as dazzling colours, classy earthy, flowers and all kinds of prints, they should flatter your body at the same time.

That’s why I’m here. As a public image consultant and colourist I can help you identify the colours that highlight your skin while flattering your silhouette.

 General rules

 Choose a store that has a great variety of swimwear, so as not to get bored but also not to be disappointed by the few swimsuits you will try.

aristea korkovelou house of colour greece, plus size model greece, summer, summer in greece, swimwear, best swimwear
Aristea Korkovelou, Plus size model and image consultant

Many times, it is not your fault, but the swimsuits you choose, because unfortunately it does not mean that what is beautiful is also suitable for your body.

 Lycra swimsuits make the body look slimmer and have a better grip. The colours and designs you choose will determine how much you want to highlight an area or hide it accordingly.

Aristea Korkovelou, Plus size model and image consultant

With love and lots of colours, Aristea Korkovelou

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