Which swimsuit to choose this summer based on your body!

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Which swimsuit to choose this summer based on your body!

Do you want to wear a swimsuit that does not compliment your body? Probably not.

 There are endless choices of swimwear out there! Bikinis, one-piece, monochrome, multicoloured, with patterns, with cuts, floral, high-waisted, triangles, strapless, with ruffles, etc. But which one is the right choice for your body type and which one will flatter you the most?

The right design has the power to sculpt our body, highlighting the most beautiful parts of your body and carefully covering those that may concern you.

Find out what your body type is. This is the A and Z for the right choice of your swimsuit.

 Looking around you will surely have noticed that there are very large differences in the characteristics and body shape of each person. This is because every body is unique and every person has their own body type.

 Everybody has a different shape even if we compare two or three women who wear the same size, their needs are different.

To find out your body type , all you have to do is look in the mirror, observe some basic features of your body and compare them with the features of each body type.

 To discover your own body type, just answer the following questions:

 In which part of the body do you tend to gain weight (upper body, bottom, everywhere)? In which specific areas do you gain weight (arms, back, abdomen, chest or legs, buttocks, thighs)?

Another thing to note is that, if your body circumference is more than 10 cm different from your waist (below the chest) then your body has a split geometry. In other words, it is not in analogy.

So, either you will have a pear body shape (the circumference is larger than the waist) or you will have an apple body shape (larger back and breast compared to the circumference).

If you have a difference of less than 10 cm, your body is in analogy, so you can be in the category of hourglass or rectangle.

However, there are peculiarities in each body type. Let’s see different cases and what are the ideal swimsuits for each body type.

 For a fully curved body type

When we say curves, we mean the whole body, that is, with big breasts, hips, thighs, everything, like Kim Kardashian for example.

Aristea korkovelou, plus size model, image consultant and colour analyst at houseofcolour
Aristea korkovelou, plus size model, image consultant and colour analyst at houseofcolour
  • If you want to emphasize your curves then any bikini with good support for your breasts is for you! The lower part is preferable to have a string that ties the bow to the right and left in order to adjust. This needs to fit you without pressing you, but also to cover the curves at that point.
  • However, if you do not feel comfortable highlighting your juicy silhouette, choose a one-piece swimsuit with integrated elastic sections that tighten and sculpt the abdomen or waist..
  • Details such as ampire cuts, chest decorations and drapes catch the eye on the upper body and balance the wide circumference.
  •  Diagonal or thick vertical stripes also slim down the silhouette.
  • Who said that only dark colours flatter our body? Especially for women who wear plus size swimwear, it is better to buy pieces with bright colours and generally with whatever lifts  their mood. In addition, asymmetrical swimsuits and those that have many colours in retro style are ideal for you.

 For the petite body type

  • If you have a thin body, a swimsuit that goes high on the hips will make your legs look longer. You can choose between a monokini with one shoulder and a bikini which ties at the neck.
  •  But if you want to make your body look taller, the one-piece swimsuit is the best choice you can make as the one-piece “elongates” the silhouette, while the tiny bikini “cuts” it in two. You can easily play with modern cut outs, which will highlight your silhouette even more.
  • Three quarters retro swimsuit. Another extremely hot piece this year, made for thin women and girls. The full brief will add curves to you, while its usually reinforced bra will enrich your bust creating beautiful proportions. Perfect for you who are tired of full body every year.

 If you have small breasts (A, B, C)

  • The best way to accentuate your breasts and make them look richer, is to find a piece with fringes, fringe, ruffles, drapes, wasp nest, pleats or even with various decorative elements, such as rhinestones on the top part.
  • Bands, pads and built-in reinforcement are the well-known secret weapons that can significantly improve the overall shape of the chest.
  •  Small / medium patterns (polka dots, flowers, plaid) or appliqués also have the desired effect on the chest area.
  • Try the straps with a sphincter. The thick terry cloth has a similar effect.
  • You do not need to forget the favorite triangle shape. Just look for one with a bra that is all made of secretly reinforced material.

 If you have large breasts (D, E)

If you are one of the gifted women in terms of breast size,  you should pay attention  in your swimsuit to be able to support it and preferably to have an adjustable strap. The most important element that your swimsuit should have, is to provide good support to your chest.

It is essential to find a bra that fits you properly. If it is a little smaller and the chest overflows, it will not give the impression you want.

  • Do not discard bras with removable straps or cushions. Try them because they can give a more controlled shape to your chest.
  •  Braces are our best friends when we want the chest to look well supported. If they are detachable even better as you can wear them cross for even greater support when swimming.
  • Try to avoid holes, netting and sharp cuts in the upper waist or below the chest. It is also good not to choose pieces with ruffles or various decorative elements at the top, so that not everyone focuses there.
Aristea Korkovelou, Plus size model, Greece – Swisyut by https://e-xclusive.com/
  • Of course, the triangles with the thin laces are not the best and convenient because they do not offer sufficient coverage or support and the weight will leave strong marks.
  •  Choose bright colours or a beautiful pattern and try to avoid black and white.
  • At best, you can find swimwear from various brands where they are numbered as they are in bras. This way you will know exactly the cup and you will choose the right number that will properly embrace your waist, without throwing any fat.

If you have a belly

  • A one-piece with a low neckline catches the eye on the chest and is an ideal distraction.
  • A cruising drape in the center or side of the waist is the best trick to emphasize the shape of the waist and make it look slimmer.
  •  An intense pattern and intense colour catches the eye from your belly and you show a confident person!
  •  If you insist on choosing a bikini, it is better to choose a brief with laces that can be adjusted around the abdomen without pressing it unsightly.

 If your upper body is bigger in relation to your legs

  • Horizontal details such as stripes, belts, pockets, drapes break the trunk and make it look more symmetrical.
  • Tankini (briefs with a top like vests) and strapless bras make the torso look shorter so they bring balance to your body.
  •  If you choose a one-piece, prefer one with an amber cut or some decorative detail under the chest that will “cut” the single fabric that covers the trunk.
  • Avoid swimsuits with high necklines because they emphasize the length of the torso.
  • To emphasize the proportions and make the legs look longer, prefer swimsuits that go up to the hips.
  • If you do not want to look tall and ungraceful, choose a bikini with a strong V cut at the neck, with stripes, a high cut at the legs and if they have different colours even better.

 “Pear” body shape

 Do you have a narrow waist and wide hips with the shoulders looking narrower than your pelvis? The feature that stands out in your body is that you have curves in the hips, while from the waist up you are much thinner, such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

The key to finding the perfect swimsuit is to make sure you choose a piece that will balance your image and cover you more from the waist down.

  • If your body has the shape of a pear and you want to balance it to make it look more attractive, choose tankini, monokini, but also bodysuits that have beautiful prints on the top
  • Choose the bottom of the swimsuit to have laces or no seams. This way the area will not be pressed and will have a more balanced result.
  • Highlight your curves, with a one-piece swimsuit with a strong neckline or a bikini with an impressive top and light colours. By emphasizing the shoulders, you achieve that your body appears in proportion and you “cover” the lower part
  • Folds and glossy details will draw attention to the top.
  • Prefer a mix & match look – Mix & match bikini (with printed bra). Made for the Mediterranean body type-pear. The printed bra enriches the neckline, while the monochrome brief creates a minimizing effect for the hips and buttocks.
  • The main mistake that those who have this body type make, is that they choose the bottom to have a wide fabric on the sides, something that attracts even more attention there. Make your  hips appear narrower by choosing panties with thin ropes that tie at the side.
  • Do not wear a closed neckline.

 If you have a bootie

  • If you have a circumference, avoid very large swimsuits at the bottom, believing that this will “hide” the imperfections. Choose classic medium cut swimsuits that are not tight at the hips, in monochrome or discreet designs and colours.
  • A high cut at the hips, but not above the pelvis, will help make exuberant hips look thinner.
  • Try to avoid swimsuits with briefs because they will make the waist look bigger.
  • Emphasize the upper part of the swimsuit, attract attention there with embroidery, vivid patterns, decorations, etc.
  • In the same spirit, she followed the fashion of mix & match bikinis, combining printed bras with monochrome briefs.
  • Avoid ruffles and large patterns on the bottom brief that will catch the eye and emphasize the point in question.

 If you have an athletic body type or “rectangle”

If you have this body type, then your body is uniform and lean, with hips, waist and torso the same size. Large backs, small chest, narrow pelvis. To enhance your feminine look, play with options such as swimwear with details.

Highlight your lined silhouette with a tiny choice!

  • The athletic body has minimal curves and is up and almost straight. Obviously, you have to choose a swimsuit that emphasizes your curves. You can achieve this with swimsuits that have bold prints, ruffles, decorative elements, but also monokinis.
  • To bring balance and make the body look more feminine, choose a swimsuit with a drawstring and bright colours or designs and on top a strapless swimsuit or a triangular swimsuit with reinforcement.
  • An equally good choice are the bikinis that one of the two pieces has stripes and the bottom has laces on the side.
  • Prefer one-piece swimsuits with cutouts that will create the feeling of the cutest waist.
  • The ruffles on the bras and a Brazilian cut brief will help the silhouette look more feminine and juicy.
  • A bodysuit with a deep neckline and a high cut on the buttocks will enhance the effect of curves.
  • Bikini in retro style with straps and panties-shorts are suitable for these silhouettes as they have a very feminine style.

“Apple” body type

Your back and shoulder are wider than your hips which are narrower. Here the body is characterized by a lack of waist and usually thinnest legs. You have a belly, no doubt, but also a pair of thin-killer legs and lean hips.

Therefore, you must cover your abdomen while taking care to show off your strong “weapons”. Reduce the tension on the shoulders and focus on the lower body and waist.

  • In a bikini, the brief should be wider or decorated with patterns.
  • Try to avoid bras that tie around the neck, have ruffles or patterns. Shoulder straps hold the chest without pressing the shoulders and back.
  • Avoid tankini tops and tiny briefs. The rounded neckline and the boxer suit you.
  • The bodysuit is the best choice for the belly as it is obvious that he wants to cover it. Vertical stripes or drapes in the abdomen weaken the torso even more.
  • Choose between a one-piece that rises above the hips or a one-piece with folds in the middle that discreetly emphasize it and distract from the shoulders. Swimsuits with a belt also suit you.
  • Three quarters retro swimsuit. Another extremely hot piece this year. Perfect for the apple body type, who wants to “pick up” the belly and is tired of the full body every year.

 Hourglass body

You are one of those with a toned waist, juicy breasts and feminine girth. It is the most Mediterranean body full of curves. This body fits and looks great in almost everything. Your choice of swimsuit depends more on which point you want to emphasize.

It is good to keep balance in both the top and the bottom as your body is already in proportion.

  • All bikinis fit you, but if you want to show off your body to the fullest, choose a balcony bra or an old-fashioned pin up girls cut.
  • In a bikini, monochrome or small designs suit you better. But of course, add colour!
  • It is advisable to avoid the square neckline, the tankini and the tiny briefs (with laces or thongs).
  • In full body, avoid belts. The best option is a decoration under the chest, but make sure it is small.
  • The more hips a full body shows, the more it emphasizes the waist. Deep cuts in the chest also work for the same purpose.
  • Never wear a bra with prints and simple briefs. A bra with a rounded V-neck and vanilla will lift your small breasts.
  • The elastic wide strips that tie behind the neck are ideal for the rich neckline combining adequate support and attractive appearance.

 Now that you know your needs and the pros and cons of each design you are ready to choose the best swimsuit for your body type!

And don’t forget, the key is to love your body and not let anything or anyone limit or spoil your Summer. We are all uniquely beautiful!

 With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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