My colour story!

από Aristea Korkovelou
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My colour story!

It’s time to share my own colour story with you and share something I’ve done for years and feel like you do too.

Throughout my student life I have been wearing mostly dark colours, and of course black.

One could open my wardrobe and they would find it filled in black and blue clothes – boho dresses, lace, pants, sportswear, all almost black, black shoes etc.! The only thing I didn’t have was a black nail polish! I even dyed my natural blond hair, at 18, black.

What else should I say?!

I felt safer, more humorous, more distant and mysterious, covering the extra weight I gained from the university entry exams that I took twice, in order to get into the University, I wanted.

So, due to the extra pounds I gained, black was my safety net.

When my mood was bad, black came and literally “embraced” all that I was feeling and deepened my bad feelings. At work I was wearing my “black uniform” and everything was perfect.

So, one day my mom told me she was going to attend a colour analysis seminar and I decided to attend it as well.

Surprisingly, I learned that each person, depending on their skin tones, looks brighter and younger with a specific palette of colours (I will explain that in detail at another post).

I came out to be a “warm” -specifically I am a “spring season” that means warm – based on yellow – shades, which means no black in my closet and in my life. So, after the seminar, I decided to test the effect of the colours on myself and those around me.

The first day I went shopping and bought a red T-shirt and coral and blue pants.

I remember that I went to the shops and boutiques that had known me for years, and wondered at my colourful choices.

I wore the red t-shirt with the blue pants and a red lipstick -not something awesome in colour as you understand and went out for coffee with my friends. Their reaction was really “shocking” to me.

“How nice your colours are,” “How bright,” “Your eyes looked lighter blue” and other such comments.

aristea korkovelou aforcolour
Wearing colours changed my life! That’s a colour combo that i wouldn’t dare to wear.. till i did!

The other day I was in a bad mood and decided to wear a coral T-shirt with a yellow skirt, that I had bought for a wedding and then buried it in my closet. What was the result?

At first, I was walking down the street and I saw that women were looking at the smile on my lips, some stopped and asked me about my clothes, but that wasn’t the most important. Guess what!

My bad mood had begun to subside by the time I got out of my house.

And that’s when I decided that I would put my “favorite” black on the sidelines and never buy anything black again.

Where do I want to end up telling you this story? I haven’t bought anything black.

In this way, my family, friends and I realized that I don’t wear the same things every day. I started making amazing combinations and blending them together nicely.

You look different especially at a time when black dominates. Colour makes me feel happy in the morning and refreshes me daily.

Wanted to share my happiness, I became an image consultant and colour analyst at House Of Colour and I am changing the lives of people all over Greece.

aristea korkovelou aforcolour
HouseOfColourGreece – Colour Combos – Coral,gray, light gray

The myth that black covers the extra pounds is just a myth (see #myths).

If you wear a colour from head to toe, for example blue, it will have exactly the same effect as with the same black set. We need to get this idea of ​​black out of our minds and believe me, by taking a small step at a time you will feel more and more beautiful and you will look a very confident person!

What do you think? Will you try?

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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