Breaking plus-size fashion rules

από Aristea Korkovelou
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Breaking news, break plus size rules! Aristea Korkovelou, House of colour consultant
Breaking news, break plus size rules! Aristea Korkovelou, House of colour consultant

On the occasion of a book entitled ‘What Not to Wear’ that came to my hands at Christmas and based on my job (image consultant), I decided to write this article to you while continuing to argue that fashion myths live and reign and instead of inspiring us, prevents us to dare new looks.

A book full of rules about what flatters or – more specifically – what doesn’t flatter us, fueling our own physical insecurities rather than helping us. The book broke every part of my job and dictated exactly why I didn’t have to wear almost anything I liked because of my weight.

As a big-breasted owner with big booties and chubby arms, I was convinced that I would never be able to really enjoy fashion until I looked like a Victoria secret model. But working in the fashion field following my passion for style (see my own story) … fashion has really become my savior.

I have learned that style is a very personal thing and it is a combination of our personality and body. And guess what: I have news for you!

There are no general rules that apply to everyone, as each one is unique, just like our DNA.

So, through the process of diagnosing and learning your unique stylistic identity (through House Of Colour’s self-awareness seminars), you can learn to cover parts of your body that you don’t like and show-off the ones you do in a way that your whole life will change!

When I finally tried those trends, I had been avoiding for years, I was surprised – the world was not over and people were shocked to see most of my body in various patterns and colours.

In fact, I really received plenty congrats for feeling myself for the first time in a long time.

The knowledge of my style identity and my body shape, was all I needed to wake up and I’ve been dedicated to spread the word about what fashion really is ever since. That’s why I’ve created the #myths (breaking fashion rules) column.

In order to take over the outdated status quo style, I put “banned” pieces into my body’s fashion rules to inspire and help you understand that style is unique and powerful, and fashion simply gives us the final touch in our look!

Let me be clear, however, from the beginning: I am not going to avoid trends simply because there is the possibility that I may look “bad”.

Now that we’ve got this out of our minds, check out some “broken rules” during the style revolt and comment on whether you had really followed any of them.

Myth # 5: Body-con dresses match those with perfect body

I love all my curves, but I have been avoiding the tight dresses as I thought that my imperfections would be pointed out in a bad way. The only style rule you will follow is to find the one that suits your comfort level – right pattern or length.

Find a dress that will have a bit of air and accentuate your curves by “hugging” your body. This blue dress is one of my favorites, thanks to the air it provides having a little extra material inside to work with.

aristea plus size model e-xclusive
Aristea Korkovelou, Image and colour consultant

Myth #6: Better to Match Than to stand out

Any print will draw attention to this area, they say, but why is that bad?

The key to tackling this trend is to stick to a similarly colored family – in my case I chose brown and wore a sophisticated animal print shirt, using a belt (in my waist) to break the large surface of the print and emphasize at this part of my body that makes my body look slimmer.
Aristea Korkovelou, Insta post: aristea_houseofcolour

Myth #7 Minimalism is boring

It is really amazing how often I have seen in reviews that women overweight can’t wear minimal outfits.

I’ve seen articles claiming that plus size women can’t support things that are elegant and structured.

But do you know what? Make noise. You can look amazing in minimal clothes.

Follow the same color palette and look for non-print pieces with bold silhouettes and combine them with simple accessories. Boom.

Aristea Korkovelou,
Aristea Korkovelou,

Myth #8 Wide trousers will make you look shapeless

There is nothing in this world that will make you look like you don’t have a body shape.

Every person has a body and all of these bodies have many shapes. And this is the end of this story.

Aristea Korkovelou, Thessaloniki, House of colour ConsultantAristea Korkovelou, Thessaloniki, House of colour Consultant
Aristea Korkovelou, Thessaloniki, House of colour Consultant

Myth #9 Skirts doesn’t flatter a chubby body.

All I have to say is that if you want to give the impression that you have longer legs then wear a skirt high on your waist and put a shirt or a top inside.

The pattern and fabric are what will guide you to find the perfect skirt for your body.

Aristea Korkovelou, Ladadika Thessaloniki
Aristea Korkovelou, Ladadika Thessaloniki

No one has the right to make another person feel like it is his “duty” to hide.

No one has the right to make another person feel “less” because of how much pounds he weights.

So, I dedicate this column to all style-lovers, independent thinkers and people with unique personal style who would rather say “Fuck the Fashion Rules” than follow them and losing the magic that style and fashion offers.

With love and lots of colour, Aristea Korkovelou

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